Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Wine Club work?

A. The Wine Club is totally customizable. Simply choose:

  • How many bottles you want to receive
  • How often you’d like deliveries
  • All red, all white, or mixed

And then get your new wine delivered to your door. It’s that easy! Gifting is also a cinch. Just select your package and include a gift message, and we’ll take care of the rest. There are no membership fees or cancellation fees, and you only pay for the wine you receive.

Q. Why join a wine club versus purchasing at my local store?

A. The Wine Club is an easy and convenient way to try a great variety of wines. With The Wine Club, you can try wines from all grapes and regions, from classics to up-and-coming new favorites. Since we’re located in New York City, the major wine shipping port of the United States, we get first choice of the best international imports, as well as a wide selection of American wines, so we can offer a selection rarely found in other cities. We only choose high-quality wines for our club selections. You’ll receive wines chosen by our team of trusted experts, all made at working wineries. We never send bulk wine or closeouts. All of our selections are tasted and tested by our staff, and we’re proud of the wines we offer. Plus, since we have a retail shop, you can stock up on your favorites at a special Wine Club Member discount. You’ll receive 10% off all regular price wine and spirits.

Q. If I like a particular wine in my shipment, can I order more?

A. Yes! You can order additional wine by shopping our website, or shopping with us in person. All of our Wine Club selections are available in our store, because they’re all wines we’ve tested, loved, and are proud to offer to our customers. Wine Club Members receive a 10% discount on regular-priced wines.

Q. If I choose an all-red or all-white option, will I receive all different bottles?

A. If you select an all-red or all-white membership for 6 or 12 bottles per month, depending on availability, we’ll double up on a few wines to fill your order. That gives you one to drink now and one to cellar. For our 2-bottle memberships, you’ll receive 2 different reds or 2 different whites.

Q. I’m buying the club as a gift, can I include a note? Will the recipient receive an invoice?

A. You may absolutely include a gift note. You’ll find a text box at checkout to leave your custom gift message. Your recipient will never receive an invoice for their club.

Q. When will my wine arrive?

A. When you join The Wine Club, we process and ship orders in the first week of each calendar month. If you sign up mid-month, you can decide whether you want to start in the next month, or the current month. If you sign up in mid-November, you can get the November case, and are billed right away, then you'll receive the December case as well and be billed in the first week of December. Or you can specify that you want to start in December. Just let us know. Depending on how far you are from New York City, your wine could take up to a week to arrive. We offer our own in-house delivery for Wine Club customers in New York City that will arrive within a few days of your order. For out of state orders, we ship via UPS, and send you tracking information. You may also upgrade to overnight or second day air shipping. Please contact customer service if you would like to upgrade your UPS shipping.

Q. How do I pay?

A. You’ll enter your credit card payment information when you sign up, and we’ll bill your card in the first week of each month when your delivery is sent.

Q. Is there a time commitment for joining?

A. There is no time commitment, contract, or membership fee. We offer month-to-month memberships so you can join for as long as you like.

Q. I would like to make updates to my membership. Where may I do that?

A. You can update any of your membership information by logging into your account page. You can also contact customer service at , and we’ll make any changes you need.

Q. I cancelled and want to rejoin. What are the next steps?

A. Welcome back! You can re-start your club through your previous account. No need to re-enter your information.

Q. How are the wines chosen for the Wine Club?

A.Our dedicated team of wine buyers taste thousands of wines each year, and select wines they really love and are proud to send to Wine Club members. Our buyers work closely with wine importers and distributors in the New York city area to constantly bring in new and exciting wines from around the world. Every wine you receive through The Wine Club has been tasted and approved by our team of experts.

Q. What if I won’t be home to accept my package?

A. To prevent minors from buying or accepting alcohol purchases, an adult 21 years or older must be present to sign for each shipment; UPS and our in-house delivery service require proper identification. This person may be an adult besides yourself, but the person must be 21 or older with an acceptable form of ID present at time of delivery. UPS and our in-house delivery drivers will not deliver to adults who are visibly intoxicated at the time of delivery in accordance with federal law. To avoid unnecessary delays and complications during transit and delivery, we suggest that you use your business address or make arrangements for a legal adult to be present at the delivery location. If after several delivery attempts the shipper returns the package, you will be responsible for the initial shipping fees. Should this occur, we will contact you and you can either cancel the order and receive a refund for your order less the initial shipping fees, or pay for a second shipment.

Q. How do you ship wine when temperatures are very hot or very cold?

A. To protect your wine, we recommend postponing shipments when the weather is very hot or very cold. We’ll check the weather, and if we feel it could be detrimental to your wine, we’ll contact you and hold the wine at our store until the weather is better.

Q. Why don’t you ship to my state?

A. Each state government controls how wine can be shipped into their state. Some states do not allow shipments from outside states. We maintain a list of states where we can ship on our website here. As state laws change from time to time, we update our shippable states list.

Q. What if my wine is damaged or tastes a little off?

A. Every bottle is quality guaranteed! If you are unhappy with a particular wine, please contact customer service at and we will credit you.

Q. I'm going out of town and won't be able to receive my shipment—what can I do?

A. You can log into your account page and pause your club shipments. You may also contact customer service at and we can pause your delivery and schedule it for a later date. You may also give us alternate shipping information if you would like to have your wine sent to another address.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. You may cancel any time. There are no membership fees or contracts.

Q. How does your gift program work?

A. The Wine Club makes a unique gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and all kinds of special occasions. All of our packages are available to give as gifts, and we can include a special gift message to your recipient with their first delivery.

Q. Do you offer corporate discounts?

A. Yes! We have many corporate wine gift subscription options and pricing to meet all your needs. Contact our Corporate Sales Concierge, and we'll work with you to create wine gifts tailored to your specific requirements, with a discount for corporate orders.